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Business  Services

  • Business Mentoring / Advice

  • Viability Studies        

  • Organisational Change   

  • Systems / Process Analysis

Funding Opportunities

  • Fund€heck - New

  • Research & Bid Writing  

  • Small / Medium Businesses (SMEs)

  • Research & Development

  • Education and Training

  • Agriculture / Forestry / Tourism

  • Food Industry

  • Global Opportunities

Quality Assurance

  • Business Excellence Model

  • Environmental Auditing / Assessment


  • EU Projects  

  • Government Funded Projects

  • Cost Effectiveness


  • Skills For Life (SfL)    

  • Training Centre Development

  • Content Providers

  • Support System

  • Protea Software (Basic Skills)  - New


  • EU / UN / World Bank Bid Writing

  • Transnational Partner formation

  • Marketing/ signposting Opportunities

  • Study Visits




Foxfire Consultancy Ltd is a business service-related company providing professional information, advice and guidance to private, public and voluntary sector organisations.

Foxfire Consultancy Ltd. (FCL) has access to a wealth of specialist information and experience.   Established in April 1999, FCL has secured £8.9 million of funding over the last 36 months for organisation including County and District Councils, NGO's, Colleges, partnerships, private companies and individuals. 

Areas of expertise include all aspects of agricultural and rural development, including tourism, food-related issues, business management and quality assurance (Business Excellence Model), with new associates contributing experience in basic skills, change management and process development.   

E-Learning is a major area of development, and FCL has been actively involved in some of the biggest projects in the country, developing and rolling-out the delivery of supported e-learning.   Other partners have been instrumental in delivering real-time distributed distance learning, and utilising other learning channels. 

Future developments include embedding new products across the national and international curriculum, the testing and promotion of specialist Skills for Life software, and the development of other channels of delivery.   

Examples of Projects and Funding undertaken:

  • European Social Fund (ESF) Objective 2, 3

  • Single Regeneration Budget (SRB)

  • New Opportunities Fund

  • Phare / Tacis - Mini-Baltic

  • Leonardo / Socretes / Minerva

  • Information Society Technologies (IST)

  • Fifth Framework Programme (FP5)

  • UfI Learndirect


  • DEFRA - England Rural Development Programme (ERDP)

  • DEFRA - Agricultural Development Scheme

  • Comic Relief Fund

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