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Business Excellence Model Environmental Auditing / Assessment



EQFM Business Excellence Model

This is the benchmark for business excellence, and FCL has Associates that have a high degree of expertise in providing an understanding, and a delivery plan that will revolutionise any organisation that is striving for business excellence.  All types of enterprise are involved, and companies compare their performance with other similar companies, to identify where potential strengths and weaknesses exist.

It is an inclusive programme that will enable existing quality initiatives, such as Quality Charter and ISO variations, to sit comfortably within the Framework.


Environmental Auditing / Assessment

The term environmental audit is now widely used to describe management tools developed by both private and public sector organisations in response to growing concern about the impact activities on the environment.  …’Environmental auditing or review is a systematic, documented, periodic, and objective evaluation of how well organisations, management and equipment are performing with the aim of contributing to safeguard the environment by facilitating management control and practices, and assessing compliance with company policy, which would include meeting regulatory requirements and standards applicable’ (International Chamber of Commerce, 1989).  The distinction between Environmental Assessment and Auditing is that Environmental Assessment is a prior evaluation of new developments and Auditing is confined to existing activities of an organisation. FCL personnel have a professional expertise in this area, and would be pleased to discuss aspects, particularly relating to current and impending environmental legislation


Feb 2003